About Us

As a third generation family business, the McFarlane name has been synonymous with world-leading product innovations for more than 50 years. ​

We have developed, manufactured, and distributed Class I and Class II devices worldwide under the Taut, Inc. brand including IV catheters, drainage catheters, trocars, cholangiogram catheters, etc.

The McFarlane Medical team ranges from design engineers to manufacturing specialist, who average more than 20 years in the medical-device manufacturing field. We employ the latest techniques to take a product concept from simple sketch, to prototype, and to its finished design. We can work with you to balance product options with materials and manufacturing costs to ensure that your product can be produced at a competitive price.

At McFarlane Medical, we view our relationship with our customers as a partnership in which we work together to achieve shared goals. For our part, we commit to consistent communication, operations of the highest quality, and punctual deliveries of flawless product. Whether you require assistance with the entire process or any phase of development, we will be delighted to work with you to put together a plan to achieve your objectives. Our capabilities span the entire development, manufacturing and distribution process, with every phase designed to meet exacting medical industry standards. McFarlane Medical has introduced some of the industry’s most innovative surgical devices and offers more than 60 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise.