McFarlane ​Medical ​

As a third generation family business, the McFarlane name has been synonymous ​with world-leading product innovations for more than 50 years.​​​​​​

At McFarlane Medical, we view our relationship with our customers as a partnership ​in which we work together to achieve shared goals. For our part, ​we commit to ​consistent communication, operations of the highest quality, ​and punctual deliveries ​of flawless product.

Contract Manufacturing Services​​

We are your source for a “Turn Key” manufacturing partner. McFarlane Medical will provide a turn key solution. Raw material acquisition and
​management Production requirements to meet current product demands and future growth Management of gamma and EO sterilization processing ​and sterilization validations.


EFD dispensing equipment – custom fixturing and automation capable, Solvent bonding, RTV adhesives, UV cure adhesives, Ultrasonic welding


Impulse sealers – Vertrod heat sealer, Van der Stahl, Form/Fill & Seal, Dry powder and Tablet, Thermo Sealers – Sencorp P Series (pouches); Belco (trays)

Product Kitting

Sterile or Non-Sterile

rightMEDlabel products help eliminate the improper dispensing of medication with our multiple compliant, sterile labels attached to original medication containers in a sterile peel pouch for immediate use in the sterile field.


rightMEDlabels safeguard against medication errors that could result in millions of dollars in litigation fees for your facility. Even one medication error can damage your reputation and adversely impact your bottom line for years to come.


Since a rightMEDlabel is already located on the original medication bottle, vial or other container, speed and efficiency are increased by eliminating the need for laboriously hand-writing information on blank labels or hunting for pre-printed duplicates on multiple-label, multiple layout sheets that are no longer state-of-the-art.